Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Bridgend Summary

I was able to confirm nesting at three locations in Bridgend, as follows:

Heronsbridge School - two pairs minimum.
Oldcastle School - I saw one Swift fly onto a nest hole here, there could be more. Good to see House Martins also nesting here. The school is part of the eco scheme and would be a good site for boxes, but the height might be an issue.
Court Road - one definite nest on KTP Solicitors, although I think it likely that more are present, given the suitability of the buildings and birds overhead the area throughout the breeding season. Another suitable candidate for boxes.

I suspect breeding in Bridgend just north of the town centre (Coity Road area) and to the south at Preswylfa Court, given the presence of Swifts during the breeding season, but unable to confirm. 
Overall, though, it seems apparent that Swifts have declined in the town since I arrived in the 80s, with birds no longer nesting at a number of locations that used to hold them.


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