Friday, 8 April 2016

More Swift News

Julia and I had a meeting this afternoon. The discussion was wide ranging but we concentrated on achieving the goals set out in our bid to WOS.
1. Awareness Raising:
We discussed a press release, that will go out in the next couple of weeks, to coincide with the Swift's arrival. We have already had contact with Radio Wales with a view to advertise the project. Swansea Council, are also keen to expand the project in to the city. We decided to ask Mark Hipkin's advice here. We hope to get NRW and WTSWW involved in some way. The possibility of a talk from Swift Conservation was broached.
2. The monitoring of Swift nest sites:
Finding out exactly where our Swifts nest, via our Swift Champions was next. Julia suggested a training event in late May/early June, probably in Llantwit Major. The weather will be a crucial factor.
3. Erection of boxes:
Boxes have already gone up in Bedwas. It was decided to delay putting more up until we have firm data. Different sites need different box designs (eg. if under eaves or not) Similarly we are holding back any decision on purchasing a call system.
4. Review of progress:
This will not be undertaken until next year.

It was decided to set up an e-mail group of our Swift Champions (we may ask for mobile numbers later) to advise of training events etc. Invites to become authors on this blog were to be sent out.

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